2024 Quarter 1 Special Events!

Here is our current listing of all Special events for January 2024 through March 2024. For any questions please send us a message or stop in!

Magic The Gathering:

February 10th: Dreamhack 2-Slot Standard RCQ, $50, 12:00pm
February 17th: Premodern for Dual Lands, $40, 12:00pm
February 24th: cEDH for Dual Lands, $50, 12:00pm
February 24th: $1000 Store Credit Standard, $50, 12:00pm
March 1st: Murders at Karlov Manor Store Championship, $25, 6:30pm
March 16th: Dreamhack 2-Slot Sealed RCQ, $70, 11:00pm
March 30th: Proxied Vintage, TBD, 12:00pm

March 1st: TCG Challenge, $12, 6:30pm
March 9th: Temporal Forces Prerelease #1, $35, 12:30pm
March 15th: Temporal Forces Prerelease #2, $35, 6:30pm

February 25th: Inklands Sealed Release Event, $35, 12:00pm
March 23rd: $1000 Store Credit Constructed, $50, 12:00pm