Announcing Standard $1000 Series

With Wizards push to revitalize standard, we have decided to go a step beyond and offer an even greater reward for playing Standard. We are going to be offering quarterly $1000 store credit freeroll events which will occur right before the release of every Standard legal set.

The first time period for this will be from November 20th (The first Monday after The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Prerelease) to February 1st. To qualify for the $1000 store credit event, all you have to do is come play in our weekly Standard event 8 times. There will be an opportunity to purchase an entry for $50 for the event as well.

Standard weekly events will start on October 30th to give people a chance to start playing, these few events will not count towards the freeroll.

You might have noticed our website does not have singles listed on it yet. Well, that is about to change. In the next week we will be uploading our inventory of standard singles to the website for you to be able to order. We have the deepest inventory of Standard singles in Western PA and we will plan to keep cards in stock.